• With the right blend of Paneer Dodi, Bitter Melon, Guduchi, Haritaki, Senna leaves and other Ayurvedic herbs, this tea helps to balance the blood sugar levels, strengthen immunity, support healthy glucose levels, improve insulin regulation, assists in digestive issues , enhance liver functions and reduce inflammation.
  • Paneer Dodi for healing the beta cells of the pancreas for better utilization of insulin.
  • Bitter melon for lowering body blood sugar levels. It has properties that act like insulin and help use glucose get utilized and move up to liver, muscles and fat.
  • Guduchi reduces oxidative stress and lowers blood glucose levels.
  • Haritaki helps in the production of insulin from the pancreatic beta cells to become active which leads to low blood glucose levels.

Senna leaves helps in long term management of blood sugar levels.

Nulla auctor faucibus

  • Heals the beta cells of the pancreas for better utilization of insulin.
  • Helps in purifying blood from harmful toxins.
  • Has anti bacterial properties.
  • Keeps the body clean from harmful toxins.
  • A few things we suggest you add to your lifestyle while you are having this tea

    • Don’t eat Processed foods- Yes the packaged, full of preservative foods
    • Don’t eat Junk food. Yes, even your sugar biscuits and chips. Have regular sugar instead if you are really craving some. Jaggery?
    • Eat fresh, home cooked foods. Try adding yogurt, vegetables, fruits to your diet
    • Exercise a min of 30 minutes. Walking doesn’t count. We want to beat the insulin resistance with muscle strengthening
    • Stay happy and sleep well. Yes , Ditch that phone please:)
    • If you’re on a medication,consult your doctor as this tea will lower your blood sugar levels
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